Corporate Contact Information

Corporate Contacts

p: 602-610-REPO (7376)
f:  602.610.7376
P.O. Box 56037
Phoenix, AZ 85079

Chief Executive Officer

Kevin Camping
p: 602-610-7376
f:  602-610-7376

Chief Financial Officer

Doug Camping
p: 602-610-7376
f:  602-610-7376

Chief Operations Officer and
Director of Client Relations

Greg Book
p: 602-610-7376
f:  602-610-7376

Customer Service

The Camping Companies believes that if a consumer wishes to make a suggestion, comment or complaint, they should find it easy to do so. It is our policy to welcome complaints and look upon them as an opportunity to learn, adapt, improve and provide better services. We're here to help!

For General Information, Suggestions, Comments and Complaints, please select the way you'd like to contact us from one of the options provided:

Email Us:
Send us an email with as much detail as possible, and we'll attempt to get back to you within 24 hours.

Call Us:
1-602-610-7376 CCI Corporate
M-F 7:00 am - 4:00 pm Arizona Time
SAT./SUN/Holidays - Closed

Fax Us:

Send Us a Letter:
The Camping Companies, Incorporated
ATTN:  Customer Service
P.O. Box 56037
Phoenix, Arizona  85079

Printable Form:
The printable Complaint Management Form may be used to register a complaint or concern and sent to us via email, fax or mail.
Printable Complaint Management Form (PDF)